Relaxing Effect

Water features increase the amount of negative ions which helps to enhance moods in living beings. Thus the relaxing good feeling similar to when breathes in air after a summer rain. The use of indoor decorative water features in home or business environment recreate this effect constantly, so one can be more positive in life and maintain a healthy balance emotionally.

Indoor Air Quality Cleansing

Running water help purify air; this is especially beneficial in a closed space such as living rooms in home or offices in business buildings. The level of dust can be decreased from the air and as a natural strong solvent, to neutralize harmful chemical or micro-organisms as well. These benefits help reduces chances of trigger for allergy or asthma sufferers. The addition of water features adds humidity to the air. This is great for people who live in drier climates, because this humidity can help to keep their breathing more comfortable. Dry air can be a significant problem for those with respiratory problems and indoor water features can help to add just enough.

Visually pleasant water features can be a source of intangible natural power of healing, relaxing and wonderment in any man-made environment or settings. They are becoming increasingly more popular accents used as indoor home, office and garden decor and surprisingly enough provide a more health-friendly environment.